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Since 2008 the IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer has been operating at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of MSU. The MSU Blue Gene/P computer was one of the first systems of this series in the world. Blue Gene architecture has been developed by IBM in the framework of the project seeking for new solutions in highperformance computing. MSU Blue Gene/P was at the 128-th place in the Top500 issued in November 2008. It was ranked #15 in the March 2011 Top50 list of the CIS most powerful supercomputers.

The IBM Blue Gene/P system is a representative of a supercomputer family providing high performance, scalability, and facility to process large datasets and at the same time consuming significantly less energy and space in comparison with the earlier systems. The configuration of MSU Blue Gene/P includes two racks, containing totally 2 048 compute nodes, each consisting of 4 PowerPC 450 cores, working at 850 MHz frequency. The peak performance of the system is 27.9 TFlops.

The Blue Gene/P architecture has been developed for programs that scale well up to hundreds and thousands of processes. Individual cores work at a relatively low frequency, but applications being able to effectively use large numbers of processor units demonstrate higher performance as compared to many others supercomputers.


Peak performance 27.9 TFlops
Linpack performance 23.9 TFlops
Linpack efficiency 85.6%
Number of racks 2
PowerPC 850 MHz CPUs / cores 2048 / 8192
Total RAM 4 TB
Performance per watt 372 MFlops/W 372 MFlops/W
Number of compute nodes / I/O nodes 2048 / 32
Programming technologies MPI, OpenMP/pthreads, POSIX I/O
Top500 position 128 (2008.XI)