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The Joint MSU-Intel center on high performance computing was opened in the Research Computing Center of Moscow State University in May 2007.

The objectives of this center are:

  • Active collaboration and coordination between science, industry and education organizations;
  • Dissemination of the latest achievements in HPC within science and education community of Russia;
  • Research on parallel computation systems, new methods of parallel programming, approaches and tools for software development, perspective computational technologies.

A significant number of research results are obtained, including both software and hardware testing. For example, the research on compiler-level optimization effectiveness, running on different platforms with various sets of custom compilation settings. The experiments aimed on revealing specific program behavior in different conditions are run, providing the base for the generation of recommendations on what tools could be used and how user programs could be tuned.

Educational activies find support of Center of Competence as major activities of high importance. The most recent one is the development of HPC courses. This activity is aimed at improving of existing educational programs and courses, producing more qualified professionals as a result.

The support for leading HPC contests is one of the major activities of the Center. Participants from the leading academical and industrial companies are invited. Such contests help to reveal perspective projects and young specialists or working groups.