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AlgoWiki: an Open Encyclopedia of Parallel Algorithmic Features. From Mobile to Extreme Scale

AlgoWiki is an open encyclopedia of algorithms’ properties and features of their implementations on different hardware and software platforms, from mobile to extreme scale, which allows for collaboration with the worldwide computing community on algorithm descriptions.

The main goal of this project is to formalize the mapping of algorithms onto the architecture of parallel computing systems. The basic idea is that features of algorithms are independent of any computing system. A detailed description of a given algorithm with a special emphasis on its parallel properties is made once, and after that it can be used repeatedly for various implementations of the algorithm on different computing platforms. Machine-dependent, part of this work is devoted to describing features of algorithms implementation for different parallel architectures. The proposed description of algorithms includes many non-trivial features such as: parallel algorithm complexity, resource of parallelism and its properties, features of the informational graph, computational cost of algorithms, data locality analysis as well as analysis of scalability potential, and many others.

Descriptions of algorithms form the basis of AlgoWiki, which allows for collaboration with the computing community in order to produce different implementations and achieve improvement.