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On March 19, 2008 Moscow State University, T-Platforms company, Program Systems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Intel Corporation announced the deployment of the most powerful supercomputer in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe SKIF MSU «Chebyshev» built in the framework of the supercomputer program «SKIF GRID» sponsored by the Union State of Russia and Belarus. The peak performance of the SKIF MSU supercomputer based on 1250 Intel® Xeon® E5472 quad-core processors, is 60 TFlops. The Linpack performance of 47.17 TFlops (78.6% of peak performance) has become the best efficiency result among all quad-core Xeon-based systems in the top hundred of the June'08 edition of the Top500 list where «Chebyshev» was ranked №36.

The supercomputer is based on T-Blade modules developed by T-Platforms. TBlade incorporates up to 20 Intel® Xeon® quad-core processors (3.0 GHz, 45 nm) in a 5U chassis, which at the moment of system delivery provided the best computing density among all Intel-based blade solutions presented on the market. The system network is based on the DDR InfiniBand technology with Mellanox 4th generation microchips.

The T-Platforms ReadyStorage ActiveScale Cluster storage system specifically designed for Linux clusters provides direct parallel access to data for all compute nodes eliminating bottlenecks of traditional network storage. Data storage capacity of SKIF MSU is 60 TB. The unique feature of the T-Platforms ReadyStorage ActiveScale Cluster system is its superior scalability: when new storage modules are added, not only storage capacity but also the overall network performance is increased. T-Platforms ReadyStorage significantly reduces storage system management efforts as access to data is provided via a unified global namespace. Thus T-Platforms ReadyStorage makes it possible to increase storage capacity virtually without limit avoiding extra administration efforts. The balanced software and hardware solution has no single point of failure and ensures high fault tolerance and ease of data backup and recovery.

Current rank in Top50 rating - #28 (March 2016).


Peak performance 60 TFlops
Linpack performance 47 TFlops
Linpack efficiency 78.6%
Compute racks / total racks 14 / 42
Blade enclosure / blade nodes 63 / 625
4-core Хеоn 5472 3.0 GHz CPUs / cores 1 250 / 5000
Total RAM 5.5 TB
Primary / secondary interconnect DDR Infiniband / Gigabit Ethernet
Power consumption 330 KW
Top500 position 36 (2008.VI)