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Analysis of non-isothermal flows in porous media subjected to phase transitions

Melnik Oleg
Moscow State Uiversity

DRIVER: carbon dioxide injection in water saturated reservoirs

STRATEGY: numerical methods for hydrodynamics in porous media

OBJECTIVE: analysis and optimization of carbon dioxide underground storage subjected to realistic geological model of reservoir

IMPACT: determination of effective injection parameters

USAGE: in carbon dioxide sequestration technologies

AREA: Geophysics, Mechanics

3-D seismic imaging of inhomogeneous Earth (Ā«seismic migrationĀ»)

Moroz Boris
Central Geophysical Expedition Company

DRIVER: numerical modeling of wave Green functions in 3-D inhomogeneous isotropic/ anisotropic Earth medium by asymptotic or finite-difference schemes; reverse-time wave extrapolation or continuation from Earth surface into depth by simulated Green functions

STRATEGY: solving of linearized back-scattering problem by means of reverse-time wave extrapolation or continuation for 3-D seismic imaging

OBJECTIVE: Earth structure from seismic data for geological modeling of inhomogeneous Earth and predicting of rock properties in oil and gas geophysical prospecting

IMPACT: mathematical models developing, advanced supercomputing technologies and programs realization for seismic imaging in oil and gas prospecting

USAGE: 3-D seismic imaging of inhomogeneous Earth and related results of back-scattering problem solution for purpose of complex geological interpretation in oil and gas prospecting

AREA: Geophysics, Geology

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows

Mortikov Evgeny
Moscow State Uiversity

DRIVER: Study of geophysical turbulence based on numerical modelling. Design of numerical methods to simulate flows in domains with curved and non-stationary boundaries

STRATEGY: Using immersed boundary methods for representation of curved geometry on rectangular grids

OBJECTIVE: Design of highly effective numerical models for simulation of turbulent flows with high resolution

IMPACT: High-resolution numerical simulation of turbulent flows in complex domains

USAGE: Computational fluid dynamics

AREA: Geophysics

Study of seismic wave interaction with clusters of sub-seismic objects

Vishnevsky Dmitry
Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of RAS

DRIVER: Numerical modelling of seismic wave interaction with sub-seismic objects.

STRATEGY: Numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in models with complex fluid-filled structures using grid-based multi-scale methods (finite difference, finite elements).

OBJECTIVE: Determine typical features of the wavefield due to interactions with clusters of fluid-filled mesoscopic structures. Develop new approaches for seismic processing and inversion to reconstruct the small-scale objects and determine their physical properties.

IMPACT: Improvement of seismic processing algorithms and increase the resolution of seismic methods. Determination of some characteristics sub-seismic objects from seismic data.

USAGE: Geophysics, Oil and Gas

AREA: Geophysics