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APPLICATIONS: Algorithm and Software Development

Firefly 8

Granovsky Alexander
Moscow State Uiversity

DRIVER: Development of the Firefly version 8.0.0 Quantum Chemistry package

STRATEGY: Efficient parallel Implementation of key Quantum Chemistry algorithms

OBJECTIVE: Extension of the package functionality, improvements in its performance and scalability

IMPACT: Increased user's base, better efficiency and functionality, competitive advantages.

USAGE: Pure and applied Chemistry, Molecular Physics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Life Science, Geology, Soli Science, Nano-technology etc...

AREA: Algorithm and Software Development, Structure and Dynamics of Atomic-Molecular Systems

Ultrasound tomography in medicine

Romanov Sergey
Moscow State Uiversity

DRIVER: Non-destructive investigation of the internal structure of the object

STRATEGY: Solution of three-dimensional nonlinear coefficient inverse problems for wave equations on supercomputers

OBJECTIVE: Study of the internal structure of the object by wave sounding with super resolution

IMPACT: Break-throw technology of computer aided non-destructive diagnostics with wave soundin

USAGE: Ultrasound tomography in medicine, wave sounding of the surface layers of the Earth, industrial tomography

AREA: Algorithm and Software Development, Mathematics