Internships at MSU

We invite you to undertake internships at CMC MSU Department of Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics. The head of department - corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Prof. Vladimir V. Voevodin.

These internships are aimed at carrying out research, working towards PhD, preparation of publications, fulfillment of course and graduate work using unique opportunities of MSU Supercomputing Center - the largest supercomputer center in Russia. Topics of internships cover all general research areas of the department: supercomputing and quantum computing, theoretical and practical problems of system software and applications development for high performance computer systems including perspective exaflop systems, parallel algorithms, applied problems solving methods and many others. Every training is held in accordance with individual plan for the topic that can be both proposed by a trainee or by the department. Every trainee is assigned to a supervisor selected among the
leading specialists of Supercomputing Center of Moscow University.

The enlistment for the internships is open all year round. The duration of training is from one to ten month. The successful passing through the program is proved by an advanced training certificate.

The cost of undertaking the internships is 20 000 RUR per month.

Nonresident trainees are provided with a living space in the MSU dormitories. The cost of accommodation is not included in the training fee and is a subject for a separate contract.

The official languages of internships are Russian and/or English.

For residents of Russia:
Phone: +7 (495) 939-5793
For residents of other countries:
Phone: +7 (495) 939-54-55
Fax: +7 (495) 932-88-51

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