Department of Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics

Website: (in Russian)
Phone: +7 (495) 939-34-04

Chair of the Department:
Vladimir V. Voevodin, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Dr.Sc.

Staff members:

  • Popova N., Associate Professor, PhD, Deputy Chair;
  • Ozhigov Y., Professor, Dr.Sc., Scientific Secretary of the Department;
  • Molotkov S., Corresponding Member of the Academy of Cryptography of Russia, Professor, Dr.Sc.;
  • Yakobovsky M., Professor, Dr.Sc.;
  • Kronberg D. , Assistant Professor, PhD;
  • Cherniavsky A., Assistant Professor, PhD;
  • Nikolsky I., Assistant Professor, PhD.

Area of scientific interests of the Department includes supercomputing technologies, theory and practice of high performance computing, highly scalable computing technologies, exascale systems, software, tools and methods, quantum informatics, quantum cryptography.

An important activity of the Department is focused on developing educational programs in the field of supercomputing and parallel computing technologies.

The Department’s team is actively involved at the national Supercomputing Educational Project working closely with leading Russian universities, institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and IT-companies: Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, Hewlett-Packard, T-Platforms, TESIS and many others.

Regular courses:

  • “Supercomputers and parallel data processing” by Prof. Vl.Voevodin.
  • “Quantum computations” by Prof. Y.Ozhigov.
  • “Physical basis of quantum informatics” by Prof. S.Molotkov.
  • “Parallel programming for high performance computers” by Assoc. Prof. N.Popova and Dr. V.Bakhtin.
  • “Neural networks” by Dr. Burjak.
  • “Parallel models of natural computing” by Dr. Ershov and Assoc. Prof. N.Popova.

Department offers two Master Programs:

  • Supercomputer systems and applications
  • Quantum Informatics

In summer, the department organizes twoweeks Summer Supercomputing Academy which is the largest supercomputing educational event in Russia.

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