Excursions to Supercomputing Center

Research and Education Center “Supercomputing Technologies Center“ organizes excursions for schoolchildren to Lomonosov Moscow State University Supercomputing Center.

During the excursions the schoolchildren get information about different problems in supercomputing area:

  • Why has our world become computerized, and the computerized world – parallel?
  • Why is it not enough to use common computers to create a good car or even sport shoes and why a supercomputer is needed for these purposes?
  • Why can a modern computer occupy the whole hall, weigh 20 tons and why is it considered to be normal?
  • Why is the Internet considered as the world biggest computer?
  • How is it possible to make a supercomputer system from school or home personal computers?

During these excursions a lot of other problems are discussed and the real supercomputer systems are shown.

In 2013-2015, more than 1400 young people visited Supercomputing Center of MSU.

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