Summer Supercomputing Academy (in English)

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty and Moscow State University Research Computing Center carry out a special annual event – an International Summer Supercomputing Academy. The Academy gives its participants an opportunity to master a wide range of specializations in supercomputing technologies and parallel computing including training on Moscow State University supercomputers “Lomonosov”, “Chebyshev” and IBM BlueGene/P.

Academy curriculum consists of lectures on topical issues of supercomputer technology and high performance computing, advanced training courses (tracks), master classes and workshops on specific topics, use of supercomputer technologies and the development of parallel algorithms and software for high performance computing systems. The focus of the curriculum of the Academy is given to problems of constructing extreme scale applications for solving urgent computationally complex tasks.

During the Academy a great number of adjacent educational arrangements are organized: trainings and master-classes carried by Intel, Mellanox, NVIDIA, RogueWave companies, IBM Technologies Day, excursions to Lomonosov Moscow State University supercomputing complex, a series of scientific-popular lectures and many other events.

The Academy teachers are leading foreign and Russian scientists: T. Sterling (Indiana Un.), D. Kirk (NVIDIA), M. Kagan (Mellanox), academicians B.N. Chetverushkin, I.A. Sokolov, correspondent- members of Russian Academy of Sciences V.V. Voevodin, L.N. Korolev, G.G. Ryabov, E.E. Tyrtyshnikov, professors V.A. Kryukov, A.N. Tomilin, and other wellknown specialists in high performance computing and supercomputing technologies.

In 2014, all Academy students had an outstanding opportunity to take part in a unique international scientific workshop “Extreme Scale Scientific Computing”. The workshop were attended by leaders of the international supercomputing community: Jack Dongarra (USA), Thomas Sterling (USA), Satoshi Matsuoka (Japan), Mateo Valero (Spain), David Keys (Saudi Arabia), Arndt Bode (Germany), Alok Choudhary (USA), William Tang (USA), Bernd Mohr (Germany), Torsten Hoefler (Switzerland), Mark Parsons (UK), Thomas Ludwig (Germany), Thomas Schulthess (Switzerland), Edward Seidel (USA), Gabriella Allen (USA), Fabrizio Gagliardi (Spain), Onur Mutlu (USA).

In 2016, Summer Supercomputing Academy will be held from June, 20 to July, 1. Welcome!

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