Series of Books “Supercomputing Education”

A comprehensive program on the development and review of textbooks in the scope of supercomputing technologies for undergraduate and graduate programs is being successfully implemented. The series "Supercomputing Education" includes monographs, textbooks and training manuals on the main sections of the Body of Knowledge in Supercomputing Technologies written by the leading Russian and foreign specialists.

The book series "Supercomputing Education" won the annual Russian national competition "Book of the Year"-2013 in the "Textbook of the XXI century" category.

The series already includes 21 books. In 2014, the book "Administration of supercomputers and cluster systems" by S.A. Zhumatiy and O.V. Datsuk was published. In 2015, two more books are releasing.

From 10 to 50 copies of books of the "Supercomputing Education" series are delivered to 43 Russian universities free of charge. In total, 31 500 books of this series have been conveyed to Russian universities.

“Computational Mathematics and Algorithm`s Structure”
V.V. Voevodin
ISBN 978-5-211-05933-7
“Practical Course on Parallel Computing Techniques”
A.V. Starchenko, E.A. Danilkin, V.I. Laeva, S.A. Prokhanov
ISBN 978-5-211-05976-4
“Supercomputing Modeling in Climate System Physics”
V.N. Lykosov, A.V. Glazunov, D.V. Kulyamin, E.V. Mortikov, V.M. Stepanenko
ISBN 978-5-21106341-9
“High-Performance Computations for Multiprocessor Multi-Core Systems”
V.P. Gergel
ISBN 978-5-211-05937-5
“Computationally Complex Tasks of Number Theory”
E.A. Grechnikov, S.V. Michailov, Y.V. Nesterenko, I.A. Popovyan
ISBN 978-5-211-06342-6
“MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming Technologies”
A.S. Antonov
ISBN 978-5-211-06343-3
“Parallel Programming Technologies for New Architecture Processors”
A.V. Linev, D.K. Bogolepov, S.I. Bastrakov
ISBN 978-5-211-05962-7
“New Computational Fluid Dynamics Algorithms for Multiprocessor Computers”
V.M. Goloviznin, M.A. Zaitsev, S.A.Karabasov, I.A. Korotkin
ISBN 978-5-211-06344-0
“Principles of Parallel Programming”
C.Lin, L.Snyder
ISBN 978-5-211-06427-0
“Parallel Programming Tools in
Shared-Memory Systems”
K.V. Kornyakov, V.D. Kustikova, I.B. Meyerov, A.A. Sydnev,A.V. Sysoev, A.V. Shishkov
ISBN 978-5-211-05931-3
“Parallel Computing on GPU: Architecture and Program
ISBN 978-5-211 06340-2
“Administration of supercomputers and cluster systems”
S.A. Zhumatiy, O.V. Datsuk
ISBN 978-5-19-010992-4

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